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This Week I Have Been Mostly Angry At…

Two schools in India.

You’re a headmaster of a school.
You’re there to promote open-mindedness, rationality and acceptance.
You just happen to be headmaster of a school based in one of the most superstition-reliant societies in the 21st Century.
You encounter a child with a medical condition that is highly visible to people, but completely unthreatening to them.
You’re equipped with a brain, so you can see that, without support, this is the kind of stigma that could destroy a person’s life.

As this bastion of open-minded thought, and proponent of intelligence and compassion, what would you do as a headmaster? Would you:

a) instruct the teachers to preach acceptance to their classes, explaining the situation and making it clear that the child in question is still to be a valued member of the school? Or;
b) take precautions against bullying and perhaps insulate her from the more violent sections of the school, potentially setting up private classes for her so that she doesn’t feel totally segregated and still maintains a social life? Or;
c) expel her from the school, and refuse her an education because of her condition?

So, who answered c)? Yeah, those two headmasters I’ve been angry at.

What the fuck kind of society creates these people? Do they lack mirror neurons, making them completely incapable of compassion and empathy? Or are they that messed up and fucked-over by overzealous religious bullshit that they believe the girl is cursed by gods, like others in their religion?

Teachers are supposed to be shining examples of some of the best that humanity can aspire to be: people who have spent their lives improving themselves just to be able to improve following generations. Not small-minded idiots, pandering to the whack-job superstitions of society. That little girl deserves a future where she doesn’t shy away from human contact; a life where she feels herself to be the equal of everyone around her, and you pricks should be shot for potentially fucking hers up.


I’m not at my most eloquent today. Sometimes subtlety just doesn’t cut the mustard.


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